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How to select the size of LPG Storage Tanks


Energy-saving and environmentally friendly air compressors are now used in many industries, and air tanks can be seen wherever air compressors are used. The function of the LPG Storage Tanks is mainly the storage of energy (on the one hand, it solves the contradiction of the gas consumption that may occur in the system within a short period of time; on the other hand, it can be used for temporary emergency when the compressor is in the event of a breakdown or other sudden event). The air pressure (eliminating or reducing the smoothness of the output air flow of the air compressor) can further increase the cooling air temperature, and can slightly remove the moisture content of the compressed air, oil contamination and other impurities.

 Pressure Vessels For customers who purchase LPG Storage Tanks, they only need to know the volume and pressure. Shanghai Shenjiang Pressure Vessels are all in accordance with national regulations for the production of gas tanks. If the customer really does not know how much the company's specific requirements, Xiagong Chusheng pressure vessel will choose the size of the gas tank according to the air compressor displacement and pressure provided by the customer. The volume of the LPG Storage Tanks = the range between the displacement of the compressor * 0.3 ~ the displacement of the compressor * 0.5, and the pressure should be greater than or equal to the discharge pressure of the compressor. Xiagong Chusheng Pressure Vessel Integrity Every customer, how much the customer really needs to give the customer as much as possible, reduce the cost of the customer as much as possible.

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